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Conference on Behavior Issues for School Leaders

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2016 Session Slides and Handouts

Preconference Workshops

Workshop #1 – Lea Ann Combs and Patricia Gates, Cassandra Jemilo, Overcoming the Challenges of Establishing Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) within the Public School Setting, WS1_Gates.pdf

Workshop #2 – Mitchell Yell and Carl Smith, Legal Developments in the Education of Students with EBD: What You Need to Know and Why, WS2_Smith-Yell_part1.pdf, WS2_Smith-Yell_part2.pdf

Workshop #3 – Jen Meyer, Meeting the Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Needs of Young Children in the Schools, WS3_Meyer_Outline.pdf, WS3_Meyer_Samples.pdf

Keynote Speakers

Keynote #1 - George Sugai, Leadership, PBIS, and Sustained Implementation, KN1_Sugai.pdf

Keynote #2 - Kaye Otten, A Function Based Thinking Approach to Behavioral Response to Intervention, KN2_Otten_Slides.pdf, KN2_Otten_SIMF.pdf, KN2_Otten_EBTipSheets.pdf, Mon-Tue-Cook-Tier-2-matching.pdf

Breakout Sessions

Topic A – Matthew McNiff, It Should be Easier Than This: Improving Classroom Management Skills in Teachers, A_McNiff.pdf

Topic B – Brian Sims and Kayce Knaup, Give Good Parents Bad News: Improving Communication During a Behavioral Crisis, B_Sims-Knaup.pdf

Topic C, Legal Strand 1 – Heidi Atkins Lieberman, Legal Considerations of Providing Educational Opportunities for Students with Emotional Disorders, C_AtkinsLieberman_Legal.pdf

Topic D – George Sugai, Discussion Session with the Keynote

Topic E, Legal Strand 2 – Reece Peterson and Elisabeth Kane, Update on Issues Related to Restraint and Seclusion, E_Peterson-Kane.pdf

Topic F – Kevin Martin and Cindy Dowis, Working Together to Provide Community-wide Support for Children with Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Needs, F_Martin.pdf, F_Martin_Worksheet.pdf

Topic G – Reece Peterson and Natalie Hoff, Strategies to Reduce Exclusionary Discipline, G_Peteron-Hoff.pdf

Topic H Trisha Guffey, The Administrator’s Role in PBIS, H_Guffey.pdf

Topic I, Legal Strand 3 – Mitchell Yell, Avoiding Procedural Errors in IEP Development, part 1, I.K-Yell_part1.2.pdf

Topic J – Brenda Smith Myles, Evidence-based Practices for Elementary Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Topic K, Legal Strand 4 – Mitchell Yell, Avoiding Substantive Errors in IEP Development, part 2, I.K-Yell_part1.2.pdf

Topic L – Brenda Smith Myles, Evidence-based Practices for Secondary Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Special Session – Matthew and Brenda McNiff, The Problem isn’t the Game, it’s the Playbook How having a Child with Autism Changed our Lives, Link to Video

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