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Conference Information

2017 Symposium

35th Annual Midwest Symposium for Leadership in Behavior Disorders
February 23, 24, 25, 2017

Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center
2345 McGee Street; Kansas City, Missouri  64108

2017 Symposium Program  |  2017 Symposium Flyer

Handouts that have been shared with MSLBD are listed below and link to a PDF file. 

2017 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION - Meet our Keynote Speakers

  • Who are the students who have the most challenging and complex behavior problems?

  • Are they being served appropriately? Why is this programming so difficult? Does anyone really know how to effectively serve them?

  • What constitutes evidence-based programming for these students? Is this bing consistently provided for our students? What are the professional, legal and ethical issues involved in serving these students?

The MSLBD Keynote will provide four short, intense, "TED Talk-like" responses to these and other questions about serving students. Each speaker will "cut to the quick" about how students with challenging and complex behavior problems are being or not being served appropriately, with recommendations for improvement!

Part 1: Missing the Mark: Our Failure to Meet the Needs of Students with EBD, Richard Van Acker, Ed.D. is an Emeritus Professor of Special Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago Van Acker Slides from Breakout Session

Part 2: Building Resilience: Connecting the Environment, Brain Development, and Human Behavior, JoAnne M. Malloy, MSW, Ph.D. is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire | Malloy Slides from Breakout Session

Part 3: Developing and Sustaining an Effective Program for Serving Student with Serious Emotional and Behavior Problems, Vern Jones, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Education at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon | Jones Slides from Breakout Session

Part 4: Two Trojan Horses and Grandma's Vase: Legal Gems (and Traps!) in Special Education, Daniel Stewart, J.D., Ph.D., is a supervising attorney at the Minnesota Disability Law Center (DLC), which is part of Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid | Stewart References from Breakout Session


Thursday, February 23 | Pre-symposium Half Day Workshop
Participants choose one morning and one afternoon session. Lunch 12:00 — 1:30 p.m. on your own. Early registration encouraged, seating is limited, extra fee applies.

1. Supporting Behavior for School Success: Three Simple Strategies to Support Academic Engagement | Kathleen Lynne Lane, Eric Common, and David Royer | Shared in Session

2. You Can't Make Me! Paradigm Shifts and Unusual Techniques for Managing Resistance | John W. Maag | Thur-WS-2-Maag.pdf

3. Practical Program Design for Behavioral Classrooms: Addressing Intensive Behavioral Needs | Jessica Sprick & Tricia Berg | Slides | Handouts

4. Trauma: A Different Look at Behavior and School-based Strategies | Ellen McGinnis-Smith | Thur-WS-4-McGinnis-Smith-Slides.pdf | Handout

5. Neurodiversity and Autism: Concepts, Issues, and Practical Strategies for Strengths-based Instruction | Jason Travers | Thur-WS-5-Travers.pdf

6. Building the Foundation: Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Effective Classroom Management | Ashley MacSuga-Gage, Nicholas A. Gage, Nicolette Grasley-Boy | Thur-WS-6-MacSuga-Slides.pdf | Handouts | Reference Material: Item A, Item B, Item C, Item D, Item E, Item F, Item G, Item H, Item J

7. Mental Health Promotion and Intervention in the Classroom | Joni Williams Splett & Ashley Quell | Thur-WS-7-Splett-Quell-Slides.pdf

8. Circles: A foundational Restorative Practice for Healthy School Culture | Kay Pranis | Handouts

9. Bully Prevention Strategies: Supporting Social and Communication Skill Deficits | Chad A. Rose | Shared in Session

Friday, February 24  |  Keynote, General Sessions, Poster Session

8:30 a.m. — 10:00 a.m.

Keynote Session

10:20 — 11:20 a.m. 

Concurrent Breakout Sessions — Set 1

  • Keynote Strand: Missing the Mark: Our Failure to Meet the Needs of Students with EBD | Chicago B/C | Van Acker | Slides
  • Master Teacher Strand: So, Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want: Calibrating Reinforcement Schedules for Learners with Challenging Behavior | New York | Seth Piro & Jodie Tagel | Slides

11:30 a.m. — 12:30 p.m. 

Concurrent Breakout Sessions — Set 2

  • Building Resilience: Connecting the Environment, Brain Development, and Human Behavior | Chicago B/C | Malloy | Slides
  • Highly Structured Systems | Atlanta | Jessica Sprick | Slides
  • Prevention and Intervention for School Dropout for Students with EBD | Chicago A | Natalie Hoff, Elisabeth Kane, Shir Palmon, Ana Damme, Reece Peterson, Nathan Speer | Slides

12:30 — 2:00 p.m.

Lunch on your own

2:00 — 3:00 p.m.

Concurrent Breakout Sessions — Set 3

  • Developing and Sustaining an Effective Program for Serving Student with Serious Emotional and Behavior Problems | Chicago B/C | Jones | Slides
  • Providing Meaningful Instruction to Support Employment for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder | New York A | Karen O'Connor & Jena Randolph | Slides | Resource Folder
  • Why Does He Do That? | Chicago | Regina M. Oliver | Slides | Handout

3:15 — 4:15 p.m.

Concurrent Breakout Sessions — Set 4

  • Two Trojan Horses and Grandma's Vase: Legal Gems (and Traps!) in Special Education | Chicago B/C | Stewart | Resource
  • Understanding Executive Functioning Skills of Students with ASD | New York A | Jena Randolph & Karen O'Connor | Slides | Goal Writing Template

4:15 p.m. — 6:00 p.m.

Poster Session & Reception

Saturday, February 25  |  Two-Hour Workshop Sessions  |  9:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.  

1. Legal Developments in the Education of Students with EBD: What you Need to Know and Why; Mitchell L. Yell, Carl R. Smith, Antonis Katsiyannis; Sat-WS-1-Yell-Smith-Katsiyannis.pdf

2. Psychiatric Medications for Emotional or Behavioral Disorders; Steve Forness; Sat-WS-2-Forness-web.pdf

3. Are you Talking to Me? Increasing Student Engagement in the Classroom; Matthew McNiff; Sat-WS3-McNiff.pdf

4. Designing and Implementing Video-based Instruction for Student with Autism | Stephen Crutchfield | Session Cancelled

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